Why modify the Shed ONE motorcycle


Rewarding and Within Reach

Riding anything on two wheels is life-enhancing. Riding something you've fashioned into the way you want it only magnifies that.

Motorcycling has always been synonomous with modifying, servicing, tuning and styling any steed of choice. We have worked hard to build in as many involvement opportunities as is feasible from a building block frame to customising every aspect of the display.

We absolutely encourage owners getting involved with their motorcycle and will welcome 3rd party manufacturers to join in by supplying bespoke accessories.

Upgrades and Future Proofing

The Shed ONE electric motorcycle is designed for long term use having a modular design for easy repair and upgrades via slot-in modules.

We will support Shed ONE builds for life. It is entirely built around the circular economy as that, simply, is the right thing to do.

Accessible Parts, Info and Advice

The motorcycle parts such as wheels suspension and brakes i.e. the parts that surround the big bit in the middle are generic sizes and can be easily replaced or upgraded as required.

Electric motorcycle forum websites such as Endless Sphere and ElMoto have lots of advice from passionate contributors for ideas on future projects. The Torque Pro app that we use for all the on-screen dials has a big following for people adapting their vehicle displays.

The Time is Right

Batteries were the one component that stifled electric vehicle progress for decades. This has changed due to the huge commercial pressures to produce clean electric vehicles.

The convergence of inexpensive CNC machinery, dedicated maker forums, e-shops and easy worldwide delivery means there is a wealth of readily available motorcycle custom parts that can be used on your own build.

The Psychology Perspective (it kind of gives you permission)

Psychologist Maslow represented the layers of human need in a handy triangle.

The top 3 layers  explain why YouTube has thousands of videos of amazing, bonkers, life-enhancing, sometimes life-threatening self-built stuff.

Basically, Maslow seems to be saying people can't help it.

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