About Shed Rides


The Company

We are about as small a Limited company can get being based in Todmorden on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border - a small town with an occasional national newsworthy ability to flood.

What We Do

We are driven to designing and  manufacturing frames and putting together kits to help make self-build electric motorcycles a very real choice for more people.

Our immediate goal is to manufacture our first frame in low volumes as the basis of our first kit bike offering, Shed One.

Why Frames?

Customising motorcycles is a worldwide niche activity with every possible type of bike being used as the basis of a project. 

Whilst electric bikes can use many components such as wheels and suspension parts from petrol bikes, purpose-built frames to contain the batteries, motor and controller etc are different to their petrol counterparts.

Batteries are less energy dense than petrol so the container for the cells would be larger than the equivalent fuel tank. In contrast, the electric motor for an electric motorcycle is smaller than the familiar engine, gearbox and exhaust system etc.

Influences and Culture

The Shed Rides name is simply a homage to all those who have battled and fettled away in sheds, workshops, driveways, kerbside and atop kitchen tables maintaining and repairing all things two-wheeled.

Quality Standards

We are working towards the internationally recognised ISO9001 quality standard having procedures and a custom database to maintain all records. This allows us to ensure the repeated quality of our products and material traceability.


Company No. 09414230

VAT No. 223 0390 52