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What we do:      We use our purpose-built roadgoing electric motorcycle test rig (Shed ONE, see below) for agile and cost-effective:  

  • Bench testing EV components - batteries, motors & controllers, BMS's, chargers, displays.

  • On-bike component integration & testing  - all the above plus motorcycle parts plus technologies not specific to motorcycles e.g. battery developments and vision systems.

  • Design & Fabrication - prototype parts, bike modules, test rigs, wiring looms.

  • Compliance - MSVA, BS & ISO standards.

We also use petrol bikes for testing technologies such as vision systems.


Shed ONE - our road legal test bed

  • Building-block frame for adding bespoke racks and equipment.

  • Slot-in modules for rapid changeover of parts.

  • CAN network for component integration

  • Highly configurable

  • Built around the Circular Economy

Labelled view showing main modules



Without body panels and shows trailer attachment point and 3 phases to motor

Front view with removable bluetooth phone display

Strut profile perimeter frame for all-round attachment points

Rear right view with infographics

Rear left view with outsize rear sprocket

A front module with sound generator 

Testing battery heating module in freezing temps

8" display linked to bike data via USB and OBD2

Modular battery with custom connecting plates

Flexible trailer for multiple load types

Lights testing with trailer & equipment container

Damped leaning side platform for equipment



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