SHEDNOUGHT - looking for 10 Pioneering Customers


  • A commission-only series of 10
  • A prequel bike based on Shed ONE (see below)
  • Adapted to your purpose e.g. bespoke carriers
  • Each numbered bike to be followed up on social media
  • We'd love to discuss the possibilities with You
  • Call our Design Lead, Andy Trainor, on 07842217020


For more info see SHEDNOUGHT  


Shed ONE Prototype -complete bike ready for adapting


  • A utility-commuter electric motorcycle​
  • Building-block frame for bolting on accessories
  • Highly moddable and configurable
  • Future proofed with slot-in modules for upgrades
  • Built around Shed ONE Core (as below)
  • High Quality Electrical Components
  • Readily Available Motorcycle Parts
  • Supported for life


For more info see Shed ONE 




Shed ONE Core Prototype - build a bike around this unit


  • The basis of your highly customisable project build
  • Modules slot in for easy upgrades
  • Use your Android device as a configurable display
  • Add your own choice of components such as
     suspension, wheels and lights then have road tested
  • Supported for life
    For more info see Shed ONE Core