14th Sep 23

Joined Second NatWest Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) accelerator programme.

15th March 23

Joined the NatWest Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) accelerator programme.

24th October 22

First video coming out of the workshop.

12th March 22

Testing starts on side platform for increased cargo carrying options.

1st  November 21

Testing starts on mono-wheel trailer with video to follow. Also starting development of a cargo sidecar platform for carrying just about anything.

1st September 21

We are delighted to be working with Innovate UK who have gotten involved to accelerate our path to market.

31st March 20

Coronavirus - We are working from home refining some key assemblies - we're just not planning to release any products until it feels right to do so. To discuss any aspect of the Shed ONE commuter-utility electric motorcycle, call 07842217020 (within UK) or +447842217020 (outside UK). Human contact especially welcome at this time.

18th February 20

Preparing updated website for March 27th with details of our first electric motorcycle frame kit which will be followed by a full electric motorcycle kit, Shed One.

We're taking the bold step of publishing the details of our frame that can be built to the same design or modified as required. Access to welding expertise is the main requirement for this.

17th March 19

We will be attending The Manchester Bike Show next weekend March 23rd -24th, Stand 156 to preview our first kit in development, Shed One.

We are looking for feedback of all types that will shape the final design/package. In return we'll be handing out surprisingly useful rolls of insulation tape.

We'll put a feedback form on this site too and summarise the type of feedback provided.

The thinking is that even if feedback causes a lot of work and headaches its better than falling short by releasing something that hasn't benefited from willing contributors.

For the next few months we'll be getting our kit ready and working with suppliers of motors and controllers etc to establish kit prices.

For anyone planning to attend the show, we'd love to see you and your tuppence worth at Stand 156. Thank you.

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