Prototype Pics


Below is a changing series of previous prototype part photos taken

through the development of the Shed ONE motorcycle.


Front of recent rolling chassis showing the optional high bars and front/rear brake levers.

Rolling chassis using previous version of frame that had a flat top at the front of the frame (now slopes). Also had frame cross tubes to attach accessories such as stands whereas we've now moved to more strut section for unlimited placement options. 

This frame still had the tubular front and top. The front has been opened out to accept the front module.

Before the brushless motors we use now, we used a Lynch permanent magnet motor - a beautiful, simple design but brushed and we were unable to satisfactorily match it with a torque control controller.

An earlier frame showing a front rack bolted to the frame via the cross tubes. Also had 2 separate main batteries 

The original intention was to have plastic panels entirely covering the frame (side panel shown), concealing and protecting  all the electrical components. We're now using separate, protected modules with different roles than can be swapped in and out.


First constructed battery module showing main connector on top, the main battery fuse and a connector for the charging balancing wires linking to the external Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS is now located in the battery module.

When protoyping, sometimes you just have to improvise. 

Initially we fitted all the control components under the seat but new functionality we wanted to include  led to a natural split for a Drive module above the motor and an Accessories module at the front of the bike near the controls.  

Before using the far more flexible  android phone display, we were using the excellent cycle analyst 3 display which remains great for electric bicycles projects having less components to monitor. 

Original console fitted to flat top frame. The prominent red isolator switch is shown in an easily-reached, prominent position whilst the ignition, drive switches and tell-tale lights are on the far side of the slope.

Early tubular frame constrained in welding jig prior to clamping and welding


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