Product Comparison


 - Table shows parts included for Shed ONE Core and Shed ONE Build.

 - Shed ONE Core id where you add the peripheral components such as suspension, brakes and lighting.

 - Shed ONE Build is where we build the whole road-legal Shed ONE motorcycle with your input.


Part/Assembly ONE Core ONE Build Info
Frame ONE Y Y Choice of Colour. Includes VIN No. for road test.
Frame Brackets Y Y For battery module containment, module ventilation and strength.
Drive Module Y Y Contains motor controller and other major parts. Motor plugs directly in
Accessories Module Y Y Contains 12v circuity + bluetooth connectivity and sound generator 
Battery Module Y Y Contains LiFePO4 cells and Battery Management System
Motor Y Y Permanent Magnet AC motor with connectors for Drive Module.
Wiring Loom Y Y Connect all modules with tales for lights/indicators etc
Console Y Y Un-drilled for Core to allow different switches/spacings.
Seat Y Y Ribbed PVC and piping over foam with plywood backing.
Suspension Strut Top Brackets Y Y Stainless steel and attached to top rear of frame.
Main Isolator switch Y Y Completely disconnects main battery from all other circuits.
Ignition switch Y Y Fitted into console
Mode Switches Y Y Fitted into console
5v supply adapter Y Y Used to charge android display device
Throttle & Matching  Left Grip Y Y High quality throttle with safety switch to prevent runaway.
DC Battery Charger Y Y Separate charger plugs into mains supply and bike. 
Instructions and Telephone Support Y Y Basically, It's good for us if this works out great for you.
MSVA Test    Y A DVSA test carried out in different centres.
Tell-tale Lights   Y The required lights indicating that lights and indicators are in use.
Swingarm   Y SDG standard to accept 12mm diameter axle
Rear shock   Y Size-matched to frame and swing-arm.
Wheels and Tyres   Y Typically 12" wheels with Continental road tyres.
Brake Calipers & Discs   Y SDG standard single front and rear. Approx 200mm discs
Mudguards   Y Vacuum formed plastic and fittings
Chainguard   Y Vacuum formed plastic and fittings
Forks & Triple Tree   Y Upside down forks. Different qualities available.
Handlebars   Y Standard 22mm handlebars. Different styles available.
Handlebar Switches   Y Options available.
Brake Levers   Y Matching handlebar mounted quad bike levers. Includes hydraulic cables
Front/Rear Lights   Y Options available.
Indicators   Y Options available.
Mirrors   Y Options available.
Front/Rear sprockets    Y Typically 60 tooth front, 13 rear. Can be varied.
Chain   Y Options available.
Android Display   ? Can be your own device or we can supply. Readily available handlebar bracket and charging cable required.


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