Utility Commuters

We're championing the electric Utility-Commuter - a new breed of motorcycle that lends itself to carrying all sorts of stuff to where you need to be. Think electric 2-wheel Land Rover. It's not a sports bike, adventure bike or a Monkey bike but for sheer practical fun, they're the business. Below are some historic utility bike examples.


Loving the prowess of this popular American offering t in 1960s rural America. Ideal for farm, trails and hunting. Had many rivals at the time such as the Tote Gote. Slow but torquey and could drag just about anything.


Rokon bikes were established in 1958 and were hardcore utility with 2WD and an ability to climb a 60 degree incline! They can even float in a river. So, when did they stop making these? They haven't and the above image is a current model of this thriving American company.



The 50cc Honda Motra was made in the early 1980s for the Japanese market but are still much sought-after. There's even a font, BD MOTRA named after them, as below.



Electrification is allowing all sorts of adjustments to the bike scene and we're playing our part. There are others such as UBCO and Cake all doing different things and we wish them well too.