• Top Speed - currently geared for 55 mph
  • Can be software controlled to lower speeds e.g. moped licence requirements
  • Range - 50 miles for our lower energy density higher cycle life LiFePO4 cells.
  • Multiple configurable drive modes including crawl and reverse.

Motor (stock)

  • 3-phase Permanent Magnet Alternating Current (PMAC)
  • 5kw continuous,14 kw intermittent. Power can be configured for licence requirements.
  • Commutation: sine/cosine
  • Internal temp sensor
  • Ingress rating = IP65

Battery (stock)

  • 48v nominal, 52.8v actual, 75ah, 4 kwh
  • LiFePO4 cells * 80 (16 serial groups of 5 parallel cells)


  • Any bluetooth Android device e.g. phone, tablet. We are currently testing a rugged 8" Samsung Tab Active 3.

Display Software - Torque Pro app (from Google Play)

  • Configurable dials
  • Multiple scrollable screens
  • Separate graphic night display option
  • Customise warnings and alarms
  • Displayed info:
    • Riding - speed, revs, odometer, trip,
    • Battery - volts , amps, watts, health, individual parallel pack volts
    • Charging - amps, cell pack voltages, min/max cell pack voltages,
    • Controls status - switches off/on, warnings, operation hours

Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Monitors  and balances 16 parallel groups of cells
  • Full-feature CAN connectivity
  • Remotely view charging status via web page (with Connect option).
  • Sends all drive and charging information to android display
  • Data logging
  • Calculates State of Charge (SOC)
  • Interfaces with Torque Pro app
  • 3 temperature sensors to monitor battery temp

Motor Controller

  • Highly sophisticated Sevcon Gen4 Controller
  • Multiple riding modes
  • Torque Control 
  • Full feature CAN connectivity
  • Regenerative braking 

12v Accessories Controller

  • Programmable via app over bluetooth
  • Firmware updates via smartphone
  • Measures currents, voltages and temperature
  • Configurable front and rear lights
  • Configurable indicator settings
  • Proprietary CAN device for simpler wiring of switches for lights, indicators, stand and horn etc.
  • Automatic re-settable digital fuses


  • Configurable vibration alarm
  • Powered from auxiliary battery i.e. allows main battery to be turned off

Active Sound Generator option

  • Configurable sound - even design your own sound
  • Selection of sounds included
  • Sound varies with motor rpm.
  • Add your own speakers or we can supply.


  • Our Technical Lead absolutely loves the high quality Amphenol connectors used throughout. We're having him checked out.


  • Tig welded steel
  • Unistrut fixings compatible - low profile strut
  • Widely available Pit bike parts compatible
  • Powder-coated to range of colours
  • Easily built upon and accessorised


  • 111 kg in standard form without cargo options of which battery weight approx 42kg