- We're looking for 10 pioneering customers!

- A  commission-only series of 10 utility-commuter electric motorcycles

- Based on the Shed ONE prototype with your bespoke adaptations

- High quality electrical components with readily available motorcycle parts

- Choose from different component specifications and software options

- Supported for life.



These strictly limited number commission models, known as SHEDNOUGHTS, will be based on our forthcoming, highly adaptable, general release model - the SHED ONE electric motorcycle.

The SHEDNOUGHTS are being offered as unique, customised models to the first 10 owners who can expect:

  • A road-legal, hand-built, motorcycle adapted to your personal or business requirements.
  • A contemporary, stripped-back, design with a building-block frame and design-led motorcycle accessories.
  • Bespoke attachments such as load-specific carriers.
  • Tailored riding modes for power delivery and regenerative braking - even reverse and crawler modes for manoeuvring whilst off the bike.
  • Component options for battery, lights, indicators, gearing etc
  • Configuration options for alarm, switches, colours and graphics
  • Configurable Android display dials using the popular Torque Pro app.
  • Supported for life through serviceable and upgradeable slot-in modules.

Each of the numbered SHEDNOUGHTS will have its ongoing story and customer feedback documented on social media to demonstrate the range of possibilities for this highly adaptable, multi-function UK first. This 'body of evidence' will also form part of the content of a national crowd funding campaign to support the forthcoming production of the general release SHED ONE model.

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