Shed ONE Core (prototype)


- The core of all Shed ONE motorcycle builds.

- Fully operational, highly adaptable and configurable. 

- High quality electrical components throughout

- You add widely available motorcycle parts and put through MSVA road test.

- Supported for life with module upgrades plus free advice and technical support.


Full spec to be confirmed



Shed ONE Core 

Shown here with modules exposed. Comes with:

  • Frame (orange - other colours available)
  • Drive module (under seat)
  • Accessories module (Front)
  • Battery module (centre) 
  • Motor (bottom rear)
  • Seat 
  • Other Parts included but not shown include wiring loom, throttle, module covers, switches and charger

​Further descriptions below. 



-- The Main Parts --



Frame ONE

  • Strong, steel, Tig-welded frame.
  • Modules slot into the frame compartments.
  • Frame easily built upon e.g. adding custom racks.
  • Unistrut fixings allows for quick accessorising.
  • Powder coated in a range of colours.


For more info see Frame ONE Construction


Battery Module

Includes safe LiFePO4 cells, feature-rich Battery Management System (BMS), bespoke cell connectors, main fuse and connectors (power and I/O) to modules. All enclosed in polycarbonate outer case.



Drive Module

  • Located in the top rear compartment of the frame
  • Aluminium surround case with polycarbonate sides
  • Contains motor controller, contactors, programming connector and I/O connectors.
  • The front top grey connector is for taking power from the battery.
  • The other connectors are for the inputs/outputs such as the throttle, motor information and the ignition. 


Accessories Module

  • Located at the front of the frame and positioned vertically.
  • Contains 12v battery, dc/dc converter, 12v circuit controller, active sound generator, CAN network translator and the OBD2 bluetooth connector to send information to the android display
  • Powers and controls the 12v accessories such as lights, indicators and horn and is programmable via an app.



3 Phase Permanent Magnet Alternating Current (PMAC) motor plugs into Drive module. The larger plug carries the high amperage 3 phases from the motor controller to power the motor whilst the small plug carries information about the precise rotation of the motor and the motor temperature.



Main wiring loom connecting Drive module, Accessories module and Battery module. All connectors can only be plugged into the corresponding connector half


Switch Console

Vacuum formed ABS console comes with main isolator switch, ignition switch, drive switches and tell-tale lights.

The orange frame members to either side of the console can still accept the unistrut-compatible connectors for attaching other frame-mounted accessories.







Ribbed PVC with piping over foam with a plywood backing


For more information on what's included see the Product Comparison chart


--- Optional Parts ---


Android Display

This can be your own Android device such as a second phone or tablet or we can supply.

Used alongside the popular Torque Pro app allowing endless possibilities of digital dials.

You can even design your own dial graphics from scratch.

Information for the dials comes from integrated CAN network and bluetooth ODB2 device in the supplied Accessories module.

We provide instructions on how to set this up.