1. Frame ONE Plans -  Free Component drawings released 27/03/20.

2. Shed ONE Core - Includes Frame ONE & core modules. Details released 27/03/20.

3. Shed ONE Bike Kit - includes Shed ONE Core and all motorcycle parts. Currently being tested.



Frame ONE Construction

Strong exoskeleton frame houses modules containing all  components and linked via a wiring loom.

Integral Motor Plate pre-drilled to suit chosen motor or supplied undrilled.

Entirely TIG welded in purpose-built jig.



Multiple Fixing Points

Unistrut-compatible frame members double as exterior fixing points for accessories such as front and rear racks.

We can supply our standard racks or build specials to your requirements.

There are many types of Unistrut fixings and brackets that can be slotted into/onto the frame allowing self-build racks and storage etc.




Bike Kit Front Display

Display uses android device i.e. tablet or mobile phone along with the popular Torque Pro app allowing endless possibilities of digital dials.

You can even design your own dial graphics from scratch.






Bike Kit 12v Accessories

There are many options for lights including these lightweight indicators and combined rear, brake & number plate light mounted to rear mudguard being mounted to swing-arm.




Switch Console

Vacuum formed plastic console (shown here undrilled) can be drilled to accommodate different types of switches and tell-tale lights.



Bike Kit Motorcycle Parts

Frame  designed around readily available Pit Bike suspension, swing-arm and brake caliper parts made to the common SDG standard.

As there is no need for a clutch, quad bike handlebar brake levers are used for the front and rear brakes. No need for a  foot brake.

Road tyres are readily available to shod the Supermoto wheels.

Modular electric motorcycles

Now in final stage development, we'd love to get your feedback. See Get Involved