Potential Modifications


Below is an expanding list of modification project ideas.

Always bear in mind that your insurance company will need to be informed if making material changes to your bike.

Motorcycle parts

Relates to the wheels, forks, swing-arm, handlebars, brakes  and sprockets. We've adopted the worldwide SDG standard with quad bike brake levers as both brakes are on the handlebars. Essentially, there are several performance related options for items such as the forks.

Display Display can be an android device such as a phone or tablet. This can be supplied by us or not. Our favourite offering is the Galaxy Tab Active 3 - an 8" android tablet being rugged, having IP68 water resistance and good screen brightness even in the sun. There are also several RAM mount cradle options with power, data and lockable options. The android device would have Torque Pro and the motogadget app (see below) installed but other options such as Google maps split-screened with Torque is an option. Bluetooth audio directions can be set up very easily. Many other possibilities with an android tablet such as tracking. Great for status alarms from Torque.   
12v accessories settings

At the heart of the 12v accessories system is the Motogadget mo.unit blue that allows settings to be changed by their mo.ride app via bluetooth. Settings relate to lights, brake lights, indicators, alarm and more.

Bike Sounds We use a proprietary sound generator (EVSMA-1) that allows complete control over the sounds used and adjusts them according to speed, acceleration and deceleration. Sounds can be obtained from online sound sites such as Soundsnap and manipulated in the Audacity Windows sound program before being uploaded to the bike. Yes it can be made to sound like an ice cream van or incoming missile but really?
Hardware mounts e.g. for android front display RAM Mounts fit very well with the Shed ONE being rugged, modular and adaptable. We use these for the display mount but can be used for attaching all sorts of stuff.
Display dials configuration

Information from the bike is transmitted via Bluetooth to an android device having Torque Pro installed.This app allows the user to create screens of dials with various styles and patterns. Many features available such as a different set of clocks at night. Rewarding with an army of followers. We have screens of dials for general riding, charging and monitoring.

Rear: Racks, load carriers, trailers As well as the strut profile to bolt stuff on, we've included a rear jib with a hole pattern to add rear bespoke racks and other accessories. These could be made by Shed, a third party manufacturer or yourself. 
Front: Racks and load carriers Similar to the rear, there is the strut profile and front bracket again with a hole patter to bolt things onto including standard fitment water bottles and similar cages for tool tubes or a medical kit etc.
Decoration The flat and angled panels of the bike lend themselves to the addition of either widely available graphics or why not design your own and print through an agency such as Vistaprint or with your own printer. For the angled rear module covers below the seat, the graphics can be applied to the inner or outer surface.
Gearing Both front and rear sprockets can be changed to give the best ride for you taking into account the likely terrain. We usually opt for lower top speed with increased  torque for that sprightly exit from the lights.  
Performance There are options to change a wide range of performance settings including additional riding modes, throttle response and the amount of regenerative braking applied.  The bike can be set up to meet 125 standards or even to meet moped performance requirements for those that qualify after which the bike can be de-restricted and re-classified without any change in hardware. Performance tweaks that involve motor controller settings are generally carried out by us and we can either do these remotely (we'd need to send you a cable and for you to be on wifi) or the module can be posted to us and we'd post it back. Where there are additional hardware switches to add such as for an additional riding mode, we'd need the bike.
Remote charging Status One of the options with the Battery Management System (BMS) is a module to remotely check charging status on a phone/table over wifi. 
Under-seat and under-bike storage  These two spaces between the frame spars lend themselves to additional storage space for flatter items such as tools - potentially set into foam with appropriate cut-outs.    
12v accessories There is a huge array of aftermarket 12v components such as light, indicators and horn that can be added to change the nature of bike.
3rd party add-ons We hope to encourage others to supply bespoke aftermarket add-ons. This comes under work in progress.


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