Frame ONE Construction


- A specially designed frame developed by Shed Rides over 3 years

- Comes as standard with Shed ONE Core and Shed ONE Build



Design and Construction

  • Strong steel exoskeleton steel frame houses and protects the modules containing all the electrical components.
  • Integral Motor Plate drilled to suit motor.
  • Entirely TIG welded for strong, neat welds.
  • Frame designed to fit commonly available front and rear suspension parts.
  • Additional brackets secure battery and add strength
  • Powder-coated in a range of colours.


Multiple Fixing Points

  • Readily available fixings slot into/onto the frame for self-build racks, storage, anything.
  • The Unistrut-compatible frame members round the perimeter of the frame means unlimited possibilities.
  • We can supply racks, build specials to your requirements or why not build your own adaptations.
  • Frame sizes available on request.

Prior to Coating

Shown after welding and cleaning. The extent of the strut bars, especially around the perimeter (including to either side of the head tube) demonstrates the extent to where other assemblies such as racks  can be bolted whether Shed, 3rd party or home built.


Electric Utility-Cargo Motorcycles