Why a Self-Build Electric

Motorcycle Kit is for You



Rewarding and Within Reach

Riding anything on two wheels is life enhancing. Riding something you built magnifies that. 

Part of the traditional motorcycling lifestyle was modifying, tuning and carrying out a major service with just a small range of tools - something that has become much trickier with advanced, high performance engines.

Building your own electric bike puts you back in control as the basic circuit is easy to grasp.

The components that requires the most learning are the motor controller which can be set up with the values to match the motor and the Battery Management System.




Upgrades and Future Proofing

If you built it, you can upgrade it with higher capacity cells, more powerful motor, a controller with more features or even just a different seat.

The Shed customisable frame can remain a constant for any level of component upgrade.

We will permanently support all our frames for life.






Accessible Parts, Information and Advice


Forum websites such as Endless Sphere and ElMoto have lots of advice from contributors who've built their own electric motorcycles and conversions.

Parts suppliers such as Thunderstruck-ev have downloadable schematics, parts manuals and help guides including video.

We are also offering a free 1hr Taster workshop to answer your questions starting September 19. Just call to arrange.

Build your own bike workshops to start September 2019.





Simple and Flexible Design

Electric motorcycles have fewer major components to squeeze in and around a frame e.g. no air intake, exhaust or cooling systems.

Apart from the motor which typically needs to be near the driven wheel, the other components such as battery cells and motor controller can be located anywhere - weight distribution permitting.

Our configurable frames mean the customisation possibilities are endless.




The Time is Right

Batteries were the one component that stifled electric vehicle progress for decades. This has changed due to the huge commercial pressures to produce clean electric vehicles.

The convergence of inexpensive CNC machinery, dedicated maker forums, e-shops and easy worldwide delivery means that getting the parts you need is just a few mouse clicks away.





The Psychology Perspective

(it kind of gives you permission)

Psychologist Maslow represented the layers of human need in a handy triangle.

The top 3 layers  explain why Youtube has thousands of videos of amazing, bonkers, life-enhancing sometimes life-threatening self-built stuff.

Basically, Maslow seems to be saying people can't help it.



Coming Soon: Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle Kits