Frame One & Accessories

Specs and Prices to be confirmed



Frame Construction

Strong ‘container’ frame houses all the main components.

Integral Motor Plate pre-drilled to suit various motors or optionally supplied undrilled.

Entirely TIG welded in purpose-built jig.

Modelled in CAD and simulation software to further refine design.


Standard Motorcycle Parts

Frame  designed around readily available Pit Bike suspension, swing-arm and brake caliper parts made to the common SDG standard.

As there is no need for a clutch, quad bike handlebar brake levers are used for the front and rear brakes. No need for a  foot brake.

Road tyres are readily available to shod the Supermoto wheels.


Configurable Spaces

Unistrut-compatible spars allow internal components to be secured with readily available fixings.

Parts to be secured include motor controller cooling plate and shelves for other electrical components.



Body Panels

Vacuum formed plastic panels can be painted or covered in vinyl graphics to achieve any look.

Their primary functions are:

  • Protection of parts
  • Prevention of dirt and water ingress
  • To provide a cooling airflow over key components 


Multiple Attachment Points

Frame cross tubes double as exterior fixing points for accessories such as front and rear racks, centre stand, foot-pegs and fairings. A trailer is another possibility and is on our development list.

The style and role of the bike can be determined by the type of racks used.

We can supply our standard racks or build specials to your requirements. Alternatively, you could make your own.

Coming Soon: Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle Kits