Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle Courses 

  • Trial courses to start in Q2 2019 with volunteer attendees.
  • Courses will be part classroom, part workshop and can be tailored to the needs of the group.
  • Prices and discounts on frames/packages to be confirmed.
  • More information to follow.

Free 1Hr Workshop Taster Sessions available from September 2019

A one to one workshop session to answer your questions.


Classroom Elements to Include:


Basic Motorcycle Dynamics

Energy Requirements

Electric Motorcycle Circuit Design

Motors and Controllers

Batteries and Battery Management Systems

Displays and Information

12v Accessories Circuit


Legalities and Road Readiness

Workshop Elements to Include:


Installing the Major Components

Wiring the Major Components

Installing the Accessories (12v circuit)

Wiring the Accessories (2v circuit)

Setting Up and Testing

Installing Pit Bike Parts

Typical Spec       Frame: Shed One, Battery: 48v, 75Ah, LiFePO4 cells, Motor: PMAC or Lynch type - 15Kw Peak, Torque Controller: Sevcon Gen4 or Saietta, Accessory Controller: Motogadget m:unit, Dc-dc converter:  Victron 48v-12v, Battery Management System: Energus, Throttle: Hall Effect or Potentiometer.

Coming Soon: Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle Kits